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In an effort to expedite services, the Criminal Court Clerk is asking those attorneys requesting Criminal Court Case Files for court to use our public portal.  Please give our clerks 24 hours to process the request.  Upon retrieval, the case files will be sent directly to the courtroom, thus eliminating the need for you to go in person to Customer Services to request files. 

  • Submit your request for Court File using the CRIMINAL COURT CLERK'S OFFICE JACKET REQUEST FORM by clicking HERE.

  • The file room staff will deliver the requested file to the courtroom clerk in that division.  If the request was received early enough, the courtroom clerk will take the file to court with them that day.  File room staff checks the email queue throughout the day.

  • If the request is received without sufficient notice to have it pulled prior to the start of court, the case file will be pulled by file room staff and taken to the courtroom (if permissions have been granted.) 

  • If the information submitted on the form is found to be incorrect, Customer Services staff will reach out to the requester to assist and follow up. 

  • The courtroom clerk will sign off on the request form when the file is delivered to them by the file room clerk. 

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