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Online Criminal Court Case Payments

The Shelby County Criminal Court Clerk, Heidi Kuhn, is pleased to announce that the Criminal Court Clerk’s Office is now accepting online payments for Shelby County Criminal Court Cases.

Click HERE to go to ePayments and enter your case number, if that case number begins with a C.


If your case number does NOT begin with the letter C, enter your indictment number and your booking number instead.


If you do not know your indictment number and booking number, click HERE to use the Shelby County CJS portal to search for your case number. 

Your case number has 8 characters, followed by a dash, then ending with 8 more characters.  The first 8 characters are your indictment number and the last 8 characters are your booking number.  For example, if your case number is 98 76543-12345678, then your indictment number is 98 76543 and your booking number is 12345678.  As shown, spaces matter. 

Use these numbers and follow the onscreen instructions to make a payment on a case. 

NOTE:  Payments may take up to TWO (2) BUSINESS DAYS to be reflected on your case.

ePayment site1.png
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