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Information Access

Criminal Case Information can be accessed from anywhere with internet access.

Document/Records Access
Although an expanded access to court documents for attorneys is anticipated in the near future, currently, copies of case documents must be obtained from the Criminal Court Clerk's Office, Shelby County Criminal Justice Center, 4th Floor, 201 Poplar Ave., Memphis, TN, 38103. 

For pre-populated e-Forms that can be generated outside the courtroom, click HERE.  Attorneys can generate the same e-Forms in court from the electronic workstation. E-Forms available include, but are not limited to:

  • Judgement Sheets

  • Order Accepting Guilty Plea

  • Probation Orders

  • and many others

Private Attorney Network (PAN)

***Due to system maintenance and upgrades being performed by Shelby County ITS, the PRIVATE ATTORNEY NETWORK (PAN) will be susceptible to intermittent and occasional outages for the next 4 to 6 months or until further notice, during this maintenance period. 
Once completed, the upgrades will improve end user connectivity and provide a more reliable and compatible link to Criminal Court resources.  We apologize for the inconvenience that this these service upgrades may cause you or your clients.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact the Criminal Court Clerk's office at (901)222-3200 or
visit our office at 201 Poplar Avenue, 4th Floor, Memphis, TN 38103 (April 24th, 2017)***

Private Attorneys can now get internet access in 201 Poplar. Attorneys must get access to the PAN in order to utilize the enhancements.

To connect to the PAN:


  • Allow 5 business days for completion due to routing and allowing for verification, approvals, and account creation.

  • Once your access request has been approved, you will receive a secure email with instructions on connecting to the PAN and to the projectors, in addition to a login and password.

  • This account will be deactivated after six months. It can be reactivated; however, it is incumbent upon you to re-submit the form at least five days prior to your login being terminated, so as to prevent a loss of connectivity.


The PAN was NOT intended to provide unrestricted internet access. Some sites will be unreachable by design.

Private Attorneys that have laptops connected to the PAN can install software that will allow them to display static images (PowerPoint presentations, pictures, PDF documents, excel files, etc.) on the projector directly from their laptop.

For connectivity issues, click HERE to request assistance via email.


Portal Tips and Tricks

Click HERE to search the new SHELBY COUNTY CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM PORTAL to retrieve case and client information by using a Case Cross Reference Number.  Examples of a Case Cross Reference Numbers are:


  • AG Number

  • RNI Number

  • Indictment Number

  • OMSE Booking Number

  • Social Security Number

  • Collierville, Millington, Germantown, or Bartlett Booking Number


NOTE:  You must already have one of the above Case Cross Reference Numbers in order to search using this method.

Courtroom Electronic Workstations

  • In order to display a moving video presentation on the projector, we are providing access to an electronic workstation in the courtroom with the projector functioning as a duplicate monitor.

  • There are AV connections on the panel next to the PC if you want to use a VCR or another AV source, instead of the PC. You will need to provide the video source as well as the cables to connect to the AV jacks on the wall adjacent to the multimedia electronic workstation .

  • There is a VGA port for the projector that attorneys can use to connect their own laptop/notebook/device for display on the projector.

  • Elmo HV-110u Digital Visual Presenters are available for use by the attorneys.

  • The multimedia electronic workstations in the courtroom have been configured with the Media Player Codec Pack v4.1.1. This Media Player Codec Pack supports almost every compression and file type used by modern video and audio files.

  • Electronic workstations are equipped with CD drives and USB ports are available.

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