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In an effort to expedite services, The Criminal Court Clerk’s office is giving attorneys the ability to e-file standard motions and petitions online using our public portal in lieu of hand delivering them to our office.  You will need to have a saved .pdf of the document that you intend to file.  Please give the Criminal Court Clerk’s office at least 24 hours to process and file the motions/petitions in the jacket. If you are requesting multiple copies of the electronically filed documents, it may take an additional 24 hours to process that request. 

Submit your motion/petition by clicking HERE, completing the form, uploading your .pdf document and clicking submit. 

Please include:  

  • Defendant’s name

  • Case number

  • Division of court

  • Set date

This link should NOT be used for the following motions/petitions, which require a payment of fees:

  • Petition to Suspend Remainder of Sentence

  • Petition to Remove Habitual Motor Vehicle Offender status

  • Petition to Waive court costs or jail fees

  • Pre-Indicted motions or petitions 

  • Any filing that requires fees

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